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Simple CO2 prediction

The 2 graphs below show the results of a very simple CO2 prediction, doing this was part of a master degree course.

First an initial check of the method is done: Emissions and CO2 concentration are downloaded from 1958 until 2014. With only the known concentration in 1958 and emissions from each year, new concentrations are calculated and compared to the measurement

Left part: Initial check. Right part: 3 predictions for 3 different scenario’s

The emissions for this period and for the 3 prognoses are given below; the 3 models are described as follows: 1.(A1FI) rapid increase in wealth across the world, 2. (A1B) Rapid increase in wealth and focus on environmental issues and 3. (B1) Focus on environmental issues

Left part: calculated and measured emissions for the period 1958 – 2014. Right part: 3 different scenario’s

The total code (Python 3) is given in the jupyter notebook below. References for datasources will be added on a later date.